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August 23, 2010

Solutions failed uninstall wp super cache

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Wp super cache is our favorite plugins on, before we admonish our webhost’s servers in connection with cpu overload. Because technically, the use of wp super cache is to make every page you visit, will be made duplicate files gzip-shaped. This duplicate file that will be accessed by users, if protesters are there, click on the url.

Unfortunately, with the number of visitors more and more, it seems increasingly to our server cpu overload, serving the demand of visitors, and result in overloading the cpu and ram. Temporary solution is super chache deactived wp plugins. (more…)


June 14, 2010

Gprs IM2 Indosat di kota bangko – jambi; tidak stabil

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Gprs IM2 Indosat di kota bangko – jambi; tidak stabil

Koneksi internet menjadi kebutuhan utama para blogger. Apalagi blogger yang sudah mulai merambah bisnis online. Koneksi internet ibarat makanan pokok mereka. Karena tanpa koneksi internet (yang stabil), periuk nasi bisa “Ngguling”.

Hal ini saya rasakan sekarang. Meskipun saya ngeblog hanya sekedar tulis sana tulis sini membuat catatan online, tetapi tetap juga membutuhkan koneksi internet yang stabil. Bukan koneksi yang seperti saya gunakan, Setidaknya satu bulan terakhir (akhir mei 2010) ini.

April 17, 2010

online shopping support tools for your business presentations

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A difficult task of writing articles that in my opinion. Because I was given the task of writing about the equipment for the purposes of: trade show flooring, banner stands, directors chairs, light boxes, exhibit counters & cabinets, literature Holders, trade show furniture, booth pipe & drape, table Covers, exhibit graphics and more.

Actual tools such as trade show exhibits can you buy online at a website that provides equipment trade show, with a basis of quality and affordable prices.

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